Pantelleria Cloud Cream Mesh W


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  • Pantelleria is inspired by the classic 90s aqua-sock. It is the perfect summer shoe, designed in a breathable mesh with practical pull tabs. The archive Diemme 90s logo, in a fish-like figure, makes it extra reminiscent. We’ve added alluring suede leather details to enhance its stripped-down silhouette, in addition to providing extra resilience. The light yet sturdy Vibram sole gives it solid ground, making it the sneaker you want to wear all summer. Pantelleria is strictly a sneaker with a silhouette inspired by an aqua sock. Wear it to the beach, but we do not recommend to swim in it as the leather details don’t go well with water.


    Article No.
    Stretch Mesh & Nappa Leather
    Cloud Cream
    Vibram New Nuasi